The Best AI Course Creators 2024

Selling online courses is one of the best ways to boost your revenue. However creating a good course takes time. Luckily these AI tools can help you get started creating a winning online course.

I've been testing 5 AI course generator websites and give a rundown of the best features to help you build an online course in minutes.

From ease-of-use to course quality, I’ve evaluated each tool on various parameters.

Whether you’re an educator looking to digitize your curriculum or a business aiming to train your employees more effectively you'll want to check these tools out.

1. Shiken AI

Shiken AI online course creator homepage

Our first AI course generator on the list is ​​. This one's really awesome if you've got existing content that you're looking to repurpose into a course.

You can take any file or link and upload it into Shiken's AI course generator, and then a course will be generated in just a few minutes.

We've got a couple of other options here too. We can align our course to a particular skill. So if I'm creating a course on marketing I can actually align this to a particular skill in marketing and then elsewhere in the platform the learner can track their progress as they move through the course.

We can then also select the type of questions that we want featured within the course, This might be things like single best answer quiz questions to test learner understanding or one of the really cool things is role plays where you can actually create role play scenarios that can do things like language training or sales training.

When we click on the generate button, we'll get a full blown course combining text as well as YouTube videos and tests at the end of each chapter.

Unlike other AI tools this will actually generate in the background meaning we can work on other things and then we'll receive an email notification as well as a notification in the Shiken website when our course is actually generated. And in real time, this probably takes just a few minutes, depending on the length and the size of the link or the document that we've uploaded.

If you are a course creator and you don't necessarily have your own audience or you're looking to reach a new audience you can actually sell your course on the Shiken store, which works a little bit like Skillshare or Udemy, as well as embedding your course anywhere.


  • Easy, fast and reliable to use
  • Excellent output with videos and questions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Payment gateway, upsells and store


  • Doesn't yet have AI images (on the roadmap)
  • SCORM export on higher tiers only


  • 14-day free trial
  • Plans from £39/month
Shiken AI creator pricing

2. Courseau

Courseau homepage

Courseau is cool as you can map out a course outline, edit this and set learning objectives prior to generating your course.

The layout is a little bit similar to Shiken in that we can upload a document, we can add in a link, or we can add in some of our own text. On the free tier, we can actually create some micro learning content, so a short form course, and we can do that with GPT 3. 5. If we then pay an upgrade, we get access to some deeper features that use GPT 4.

If you, that you want a course of a particular length of chapter or lessons we can set the number of modules and lessons.

It probably took around about 3 to 5 minutes to generate a course, so a little bit longer than Shiken's generation ability, but certainly quicker than others on this list. And the layout of the course is then nice and engaging in a standardised format that we can embed, or we can use Courseau itself to invite our students and get them through our course.

Courseau lacks any payment features or marketing tools itself so you'll need to export and then import into another tools like Shiken or Kajabi.


  • Ability to review course outline
  • Can add learning objectives
  • SCORM and PDF export options


  • Expensive base subscription tier
  • No payment gateway
  • AI image gen on higher tiers only


  • Trial account on request
  • Plans from £99/month
Courseau pricing

Learning Studio AI

Leanring Studio AI homepage

With Learning Studio AI we can type in the name of any course we want to create and then click on the create button. The look and feel of the course created is a little bit different to other ones you might have seen with quite a unique style.

We can edit the course in line. I used the inline editor to edit any of the images, any of the titles, any of the questions or the text, and this will output it in the layout that you see on screen, which is pretty nice and gives you a little bit of flexibility if you'd like to be able to actually design the layout of your course.

Generation takes just a few minutes and you can fiddle around with some of the settings and manage things like sharing and permissions and branding. To access some of the best features, You will need to sign up to the premium version as free courses are limited in their functionality and their shareability in analytics.


  • Course branding options
  • Generous free tier
  • SCORM and PDF export options


  • Layout not to everyone's taste
  • No payment gateway
  • Course limites per month


  • Trial account
  • Plans from $39/month
Learning studio pricing


CourseAI homepage

CourseAI works a little bit differently because it takes you all the way from inception and thinking about the course you want to create right through to actually publishing your course.

In order to access this, you do have to sign up. They've got a free three day free trial if you put in your credit card details, and this gives you access to 50 free courses that you can actually publish.

There's a flow system that takes you from entering a niche or a topic for my course and then you gradually set things like the number of lessons and the learning outcomes.

It will take me through the whole course creation process, including things like creating learner emails to send out to people which is helpful for marketing and engagement. So it really is an end to end solution if you're looking to completely automate your entire course.

In reality, the issue here compared to other options on this list is it's not a one click solution. You do have to go through each step one by one, which some people might find frustrating compared to other options where you can just jump in immediately. But it's a nice solution if you're thinking about creating your first course and you're not quite sure where to start.


  • Email generation
  • Helps find a niche
  • Step-by-step guide


  • Slower than other generators
  • 3-day free trial only
  • No payment or hosting


  • 3-day trial account
  • Plans from $29.99/month
CourseAI pricing

Mini Course Generator

Mini Course Generator homepage

Mini course generator is a little bit different because rather than creating full blown courses, it actually generates micro learning courses, which act in a kind of reels or TikTok style format where they're super quick to flick through.

Mini course generator has a learner analytics side of the platform where you can manage your learners and you can attach a custom domain and share your course once it's been completed. So in order to use this, we can register and sign up for a free account, which gives us 40 free credits to play around with.

Creation takes us through a workflow, where we add a little bit of information about ourselves as the course author and then select a subject. We can upload things like documents or add in some text or a link or whatever it is we want. Then if we click generate, it will produce our micro learning course.

Within our microlearning course, it might have things like quiz questions, it also uses some AI avatars who can narrate some of the videos, which is quite a cool feature, although a little bit gimmicky.

Overall, this is super fun to use, especially if you're doing things like just in time training or you're a big fan of getting courses out quickly but might not sell as well as longer courses or masterclasses.


  • Unique microlearning courses
  • Course embedding and analytics
  • Custom domains


  • No long form courses
  • UX/UI may not be to everyone's taste
  • Credit-based AI system


  • Free forever plan
  • Plans from $29/month
Mini Course Generator pricing

Summary of AI Course Creation Tools

Each of the tools on this list is super helpful if you're looking to save time when creating an online course.

Whether you're a coach, an entrepreneur, or you're looking to upskill your own team, it will save you tons and tons of time, especially when you're repurposing existing content.

I'd always recommend going back over the AI generated course to optimize it and make it your own, and I still don't think that anything can really replace screen shares or speaking directly to a camera in terms of building rapport and engaging people.

But the ability to integrate quiz questions and have text narrated via a text to speech algorithm is really helpful and pretty unique.