About Me

About Me

Hey I'm Alex,

I'm the founder and CEO of Virti and I also invest in early stage companies with a focus on education technology and health technology sectors.

What I'm Working On Right Now

  • My main focus is building Virti to revolutionise how people learn, train and perform in B2B organisations to improve human performance.
  • I host The Human Performance Podcast which covers topics relating to performance, productivity, learning and more with some awesome guests.
  • On my YouTube Channel and socials I make videos about productivity, learning/studying, growing a company and tips and life hacks for entrepreneurs.
  • 💌 I write a weekly email newsletter on a Sunday sharing some of the resources and insights I learned from during the week with links to books, podcasts, quotes, articles and more.
  • On this website I write articles and journal what I learn about scaling a company, productivity, health, wealth and happiness.
  • My writing is featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes and a few other publications

My Background

  • I studied Medicine for 6 years at the University of Bristol graduating in 2009
  • I then trained as a trauma and orthopedic surgeon practising in the UK and also in New York for a fellowship period
  • I did a Masters degree in surgery during my surgical training and was also awarded a degree in education which I did part time while working as a doctor
  • I taught myself to code aged 14 and I'm a huge video game nerd
  • I grew an in-person events, conference and education company during medical school as a side hustle
  • I spun out an online education company for health professionals preparing for exams and scaled this to 7 figures in revenue around my day job as a doctor, generating passive income as I worked
  • I took the big decision to leave my job in surgery and founded Virti in 2018
  • I read around 100 books per year on average
  • I'm extremely sporty and do crossfit, weights, HiiT and have run the New York and Tokyo Marathons

Get In Touch

  • You can most easily contact me by replying to the weekly newsletter with a specific question
  • Or you can message me on twitter or instagram
  • If you are ever in Bristol or I'm in your city (stalk my socials) and want to catch up I have a standing offer to buy you a coffee if we can make logistics work.