12 GPTs You Won't Believe Exist!

I've found some unbelievable tools that can do lots of things from helping generate videos to improving your interior design to generating die cut stickers without the need for advanced prompt engineering skills.

With GPTs allowing anyone to create custom versions of ChatGPT and the GPT store launching in early 2024 I've been trying out hundreds of amazing GPTs over the last month since they launched.

So here’s the 12 newest GPTs you need to know about with a bonus 13th at the end.

Let's dive into it the first custom GPT which will not only blow your mind but which will also help you become more productive.

Productivity Pal

Productivity Pal is an awesome productivity coach designed to help anyone become more productive.

You can choose from building better habits, boosting your productivity, improving your focus or 1-1 coaching for anything you want to work on.

Productivity Pal will start with a motivational quote and then ask you a series of questions just like a real coach might before making some suggestions for how to improve and even outputting a 4-week improvement plan for you to put into action.


VideoGPT is from the team at VEED and is the easy way to generate stunning videos and grow your audience with AI.

The GPT begins by asking you some questions around the video you would like to create and then works with you to optimize this going into granular detail.

You can even generate scenes and ideas using DALL-E and then use VEED to create the actual video itself.

Study Buddy

Study Buddy has been created by the team at Shiken AI and it is designed to transform documents, videos or web articles into your personal study guide or study aids, making learning efficient and enjoyable.

The GPT uses evidence-based study techniques like generating active recall questions that can be time consuming and then prompts you to upload a photo, document or paste a link and it will then create self-test questions to help you study effectively.

Study Buddy also offers lots of other helpful features which can be accessed by clicking the "more options button". These range from generating flashcards or higher order study materials to providing you with a motivational study quote.


Understanding nutrition can be challenging.

Nutricheck analyzes product nutrition helping you to understand what is and isn't healthy.

You can quickly snap a nutrition label from pretty much anything and then use the prompts provided to answer specific questions around nutrition.

Cold Mail

If you send outbound emails this GPT is for you.

Cold Email helps engage prospective customers using personalized cold emails based on your offer's URL and the URL of the customer's website.

You just paste in both of those and then Cold email will generate an outreach email saving you tonnes of time.

Book Scout

If you love reading you'll definitely want to check out this GPT. It's called Book Scout and it works as you recommendation assistant for non-fiction books.

You can choose a specific topic area or just go for a random recommendation and then book scout will offer up some must read books that will help you to grow.


Next up we've got ResearchGPT which is an AI research assistant from the team at Consensus.

You can search 200M academic papers, get science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations.

If you regularly search pubmed or academic texts for evidence-based tips or are writing a research paper ResearchGPT is worth checking out.

Color Palette Pro

Color Palette Pro generates visually appealing and thematically consistent color palettes tailored to your specific creative needs.

Whether you are creating a presentation, building a new brand or just looking for new color options for design work and art Color Palette pro is super helpful.

Home Style Advisor

Sticking with design Home Style Advisor uses GPT4 vision to analyze photos of your home, suggests decor, and generates visual ideas with the help of DALLE-3.

This GPT can help transform your home or office with creativity and style where research or using an interior designer might be time consuming and costly.

Stock Image Generator

DALLE-3 is amazing at generating images but using it to generate stock images you can use for specific purposes can be tricky.

Stock Image Generator helps out here by guiding you through generating stock images.

I've found this easy to use and much cheaper than using paid stock image sites.


Everyone knows finding the perfect movie to watch can end up taking hours of our time.

When provided with your movie interests, MovieMMender responds with ten specific movie suggestions.

Each suggestion features the movie's title and summary, embedded with its IMDb URL, and its IMDb score.

Sticker Whizz

Sticker Whizz is from the team at OpenAI and it's a really awesome way to use DALLE-3 to generate die cut stickers.

If you're not familiar with die cut stickers they look very cool on laptops and sticking on books and with sticker whizz you can generate whatever you like and then get them printed out.


Santa spreads cheer and helps with festive gift ideas including offering up fun advent surprises, helps with gift recommendations and even tells heart warming Christmas stories to get you in the festive spirit.

Oh and there's even an option to generate a custom Christmas coloring book using DALLE.

Have a great holiday period!