Learn ANY Language Easily With These 7 ChatGPT Prompts

I share all of the language learning Chat GPT prompts that have helped me go from a failure in learning a language to someone who is actually learning spanish effectively using ChatGPT voice and other tools.

I've quit learning languages more times than I can remember.

And I find that gamified apps like Duolingo only provide superficial language learning skills rather than helping us to become fluent.

Luckily I've recently discovered 7 ChatGPT prompts that have helped me become way more effective and engaged with learning Spanish than ever before.

9 Language Learning ChatGPT Prompts
9 Language Learning ChatGPT Prompts

1. Create A Language Learning Plan

ChatGPT Language Learning Curriculum

Before we get started learning anything we need a plan. Without a plan we'll procrastinate as we're unsure where to start.

Luckily Chat GPT can save us tonnes of time and provide us with a personalized language learning schedule and performance plan.

//Example prompt//

I am a complete beginner at Spanish. I'd like you to create a 4-month language learning course for me. Map this around my busy schedule as an entrepreneur. My best times to learn are after 7pm and I can study for an hour every day. I find reading boring and I prefer to use microlearning that I can jump into.
Create a structured learning plan, curriculum and time table so that I can learn Spanish as efficiently as possible over the next 4 week period.
Output this as a table and also provide me with an estimated progress report to show me how well I should be learning Spanish in the timeframe.

2. Learn The Basics: Vocab & Grammar

ChatGPT Spanish Vocab

While Duolingo isn't that helpful for language fluency there is no denying it's pretty good at helping us learn simple vocab and grammar which is important when we're getting started.

ChatGPT can do this too.

//Example prompt//

Topic: Family

You are a language learning expert. I am learning Spanish. Give me some of the most common and useful words and phrases for the topic above with their translations and phonetic pronunciation to help get me started.

//Example prompt//

Topic: Learning Spanish -

I want you to act as a fill in the blank worksheets generator for students learning the above topic. Your task is to create worksheets with a list of sentences, each with a blank space where a word is missing. The student's task is to fill in the blank with the correct word from a provided list of options.

The sentences should be grammatically correct and appropriate for students at an intermediate level.Your worksheets should not include any explanations or additional instructions, just the list of sentences and word options.

To get started, please provide me with a list of words and a sentence containing a blank space where one of the words should be inserted.

ChatGPT Voice

You can now chat with ChatGPT by voice for free

Did you know that you can actually have a conversation using ChatGPT to practise your language skills?

On web you can click the speaker button and ChatGPT will read out it's response. And on mobile you can click on the headphone icon and this will allow you to have a real-time conversation.

Language Learning Resources

ChatGPT can recommend language learning resources

One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse ourselves in it. While travelling to the country may not be immediately possible switching on a Netflix film in the language you are learning is. The problem is finding helpful resources takes time. Chat GPT can suggest some really interesting resources using the following prompt:

//Example prompt//

I am a beginner interested in learning (chosen language) and completely immersing myself in the language. Could you please recommend resources such as music, movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, articles, etc, that I can read or listen to to increase my proficiency in the language?

Create A Story

ChatGPT can create a language learning game

If you can't decide on a book, film or audiobook to hop into or just want something more interactive why not check out these ChatGPT language prompts.

The first one creates a story you can then practice reading and translating yourself and the second creates an interactive game where you need to understand the first sentence of an AI generated story in the language you're learning and then continue that story.

//Example prompt//

Language: Spanish

I am a beginner learning Spanish. Please write a short story that I can use to practice my SPanish language comprehension. Keep the language at the level of a beginner.

//Example prompt//

Language: Spanish

I am a beginner learning Spanish. Please write the first sentence of a short story about an elf adventurer that I can use to practice my Spanish language comprehension. After the first sentence I will write the next sentence. Then you should write the next so that we continue the story together.

Language Learning Role Play

ChatGPT can create a language learning roleplay

ChatGPT really comes into it's own here with it's translation features and GPT4's added creativity means you can quickly set a variety of role play scenarios.

By using variables in our prompt we can switch up the language and the scenario and then chat in real time. The really cool thing here is ChatGPT can correct any mistakes in our native tongue to really speed our learning up.

For example we can use the prompt:

//Example prompt//

You are a language tutor. You are to conduct a role play in [French] with me.

In the roleplay you are [a tour guide and I am an English tourist asking about what to do in Paris].

Wait for my response before asking each question individually.

Only speak in [French].

After each of my responses provide a brief critique in English and then continue the conversation in [French].

Begin by greeting me in [French] and then waiting for my response.

Language Exam

ChatGPT can create a language learning exam

If we want to know how well we're progressing we need to test ourselves at a level expected of our progress.

This can often be difficult and outside of schools there aren't really any validated language exams.

Enter ChatGPT. You can use the below prompt to test your skills and see where you need to improve.

//Example prompt//

Language: Spanish
You are an expert language tutor. Create an oral, structured Spanish exam that test my Spanish language skills. Test me on my grammar and comprehension. Provide me with a score out of 100% and provide feedback and coaching on what I can improve at the end of the exam.