7 FREE AI Audio Tools That Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

We dive into 7 free AI audio tools that will blow your mind.

I've tried out hundreds of crazy AI audio generation tools over the last 12-months and I've found some amazing tools that can do everything from enhancing speech, to generating music to using text to speech to build out conversations in real time.

With even more crazy advances in AI audio generation coming over the next 12-months I wanted to share 7 AI audio tools that will blow your mind and which are completely free to use.

Adobe Speech Enhancer

Adobe Speech Enhancer Landing Page
Adobe Speech Enhancer Landing Page

Adobe speech enhancer is a super useful free AI tool that can clean up any audio in just a few seconds. If you've ever struggled to remove echo or background noise from a podcast or any type of audio recording Adobe Speech Enhancer does a great job of using AI to pull out just the speech track from an audio file and remove everything else.


Meta Audiobox Landing Page

Audiobox is Meta’s new foundation research model for audio generation. It can generate voices and sound effects using a combination of voice inputs and natural language text prompts — making it easy to create custom audio for a wide range of use cases.

The Audiobox family of models also includes specialist models Audiobox Speech and Audiobox Sound, and all Audiobox models are built upon the shared self-supervised model Audiobox SSL.

Audiobox has 6 key capabilities which include restyling a voice, generating sound effects, erasing noise from speech and replacing a portion of audio with new sounds.

The Audiobox studio is really cool and allows a conversation to be built out using text to speech.


Mubert landing page

Mubert is a text to music generator and has some really nice features plus it free tier is very generous. To generate an AI track you just need to enter a prompt and then select the length and whether this is a music track, jingle or sound then hit generate.

You can also prompt by music genre or upload a reference example such as a youtube video and then the AI will generate something similar.

Mubert also allows searching of the community which is perfect if you need to fine some background audio for a video or project you're working on.


Sounddraw Homepage

I use epidemic sound and stock music to make videos a bit more exciting and if you're a creator having access to copyright-free music that you can use is pretty much essential but searching for the perfect song can be painstakingly slow. Soundraw speeds things up by using AI to generate audio based on the mood or genre that you're after.

The interface is really easy to use and the generated music is pretty good although it does lack the obvious creativity of a human musician.

Voicemod AI

Voicemod Landing Page

Voicemod AI is one of the memiest AI tools I've come across so far and it's kind of weirdly awesome. At it's core Voicemod offers stock soundboards together with a text to speech generator and a voice changers that can be used to make any onlien exchange more fun and entertaining.

Voicemod's latest AI offering allows you to create your own song using text to speech. It's free and pretty quick too. All you need to do is choose your vocal and audio track style and then type in your lyrics. You can then download the mp3 or video file produced which is pretty fun.

Suno AI

Suno Ai Landing Page

Suno AI is a text to music generator that works pretty well. It has been created by a team of musicians and it has a really nice simple interface.

To get started you can either explore the work of other artists on the platform or hit the create button to create your own track.

You can then either give a simple instructional prompt and let the AI generate your music track or you can enter information like the lyrics style and more which is great if you want more control over what you're creating.

The outputs are pretty good too.

Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover Landing Page

Vocal remover provides a completely free suite of AI audio tools that can help you to improve your audio as well as perform tasks such as extracting speech from a mixed speech and audio track, joining audio together and more.

It's pretty impressive as even using Adobe to split audio tracks from a single file can be a real struggle for editing teams. I found it was pretty simple to use even when using larger video files. Once you have uploaded a file you can actually isolate the music from the speech in a single file and even change the volume of both which is great if you find the background music a little bit too loud. You can then save and download your final file all for free.