11 Insanely Useful AI Tools You Probably Didn't Know Existed!

Finding the most useful AI-Tools can be pretty tough so we're going to be learning about 11 insane AI tools you probably didn't know existed.

There are thousands of AI tools launching every single day and ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 11 insanely useful AI tools you probably didn't know existed.


Poe.com Homepage

Poe is short for Platform for Open Exploration and it's a service developed by the team at Quora that allows you to ask questions and obtain answers from a range of AI bots built on top of large language models (LLMs), including those from ChatGPT developer OpenAI, and other companies like Anthropic and Neeva. Poe is also accessible on iOS making accessing different large language models even easier on mobile.


Looka.com Homepage

Finding a unique logo and brand design that captures what your business is about can be tricky and I often pay a designer to come up with some options which can be pretty expensive. Enter Looka which focuses generative-AI on logo creation. It's quick to sign-up for an account and you can quickly iterate on your logo until you're happy.

Wonder Dynamics

Wonder Dynamics Homepage

Wonder Dynamics is pretty cool. It's an AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes computer generated characters into a live-action video scene.

Wonder dynamics allows you to upload a CGI model into an existing video and it will then automatically detect the actor’s performance based on single-camera footage. Then, it takes that performance and transfers it to the CG character you've chosen — automatically animating, lighting and composing it into the scene.

If you love film-making it's a pretty powerful tool when not too long ago it would take a team of animators and CG-artists significant time to create a convincing animated character.


11Elevenlabs Homepage

Eleven labs have created a super powerful AI voice tool that's able to create deep-fake voices that sound scraily convincing. Having used a number of AI voice tools to power virtual avatars for soft-skills training the voices here are very realistic. They have even created a series of audiobooks narrated by the original authors like Lewis Carol and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures Homepage

Cleanup pictures has been created by Stability Ai the team behind Stable Diffusion and it offers a very user-friendly interface that is quick and easy to use if you want to remove items from images.

You can get started for free and the results work very well with an iOS app allowing for quick image removal on mobile. The A.I. works by reconstructing what was behind the object in just one click and its saved me a tonne of time when it comes to tweaking photos. Cleanup is free to try out with the paid version including higher resolution image downloads.

Talk To Books (Google)

Talk To Books Homepage

I often like to use quotes when writing blog articles or when giving talks as a way to illustrate key points. The problem is finding a quote that isn't overused can be pretty time consuming. Talk to Books is an experimental AI project from Google that let's you search for quotes in more than 100,000 books. You can have a can quickly find information from a wide range of books using simple conversational dialogue.

Versy AI

Versy.ai Homepage

Versy allows you to build virtual worlds and environments using just text. Versy is waitlist only and still early in development but the concept is that you will be able to quickly prototype anything from events, to escape rooms and more using just text-based AI prompts. It's pretty cool seeing virtual environments being created in seconds from your text prompts

Formula Bot

Formulabot Homepage

Mastering excel formulas is super useful for turning sheets into a powerful data tools that can quickly automate tasks but actually figuring out the correct formulae can take ages especially if you only use google sheets and excel periodically and don't have time to jump into a course.

Formula bot aims to make sheets and excel formulae accessible to anyone by generating formulae from simple conversational text prompts. Formulabot will also do the reverse and explain a formula that is already in a sheet to help you learn as you go too.


Runway Homepage

Runway is leading the charge when it comes to text to video AI. With it's Gen-1 model available on iOS and Gen-2 able to realistically and consistently synthesize new videos it's really exciting to see what lies ahead for AI-generated video. Runway is essentially a suite of AI video tools featuring everything from training custom models to slowing down and removing the background of existing videos. Gen2 is absolutely incredible with live video masking and generative video from text.

Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings Homepage

Animated Drawings is from Meta's AI lab and allows you to bring children's drawings to life, by animating characters so that they then move around. You can upload any sketch or drawing and then map an animation frame to that drawing. Once the drawing is mapped animated drawings will then animate the character using a selection of templated animations. It's really fun checking out and an awesome addition if you want to take your drawings to the next level.


Sounddraw Homepage

I use epidemic sound and stock music to make videos a bit more exciting and if you're a creator having access to copyright-free music that you can use is pretty much essential but searching for the perfect song can be painstakingly slow. Soundraw speeds things up by using AI to generate audio based on the mood or genre that you're after. The interface is really easy to use and the generated music is pretty good although it does lack the obvious creativity of a human musician.


Virti Homepage

As a quick bonus 12th AI-powered tool on the list I wanted to be a bit self-indulgent and mention one of my own companies Virti. Don't worry I'm not trying to sell you anything though as Virti is an enterprise learning system that uses AI powered video and AI-humans to help people improve their EQ through soft-skills training. The team have been training our own AI-model against human conversations to set a gold standard for what good communication skills like sales, perfromance reviews and more look like to help people get ahead in the corporate world. Virti also has medical scenarios for things like break bad news and common medical conditions so that you can practise on repeat ahead of any real events. We've actually been using AI since 2020 and won a Time Magazine Best Invention Award and got featured on the Nasdaq as a bit of a humble brag.

And that's it! That was 11 insanely useful AI tools you may not have heard about. The commonality across all of them is that AI is being used to reduce repetitive tasks and boost productivity even in areas we previously never thought possible like creating videos, virtual environments or simulating human communication.

Now most of these tools rely on prompts to instruct the AI and I have a really great course covering prompt engineering which you might find useful.

Let me know if there are any AI tools you find insanely useful!

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