With thousands of new AI tools launching every week it can be really difficult to keep up and find the best tools out there.

I've been trying out hundreds of free AI tools over the last month and I've found some unbelievable tools that can do lots of things from perfecting your to-do list to building a website with Ai to making your AI puppy sing.

Let's dive into it the first AI tool which will not only blow your mind but which actually saves me tonnes of time every week.

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Stable Doodle

Showcase your startups on a page
Social Media, Website Builder, Social Network
Stable Doodle

Stability AI, the startup behind the image-generating model Stable Diffusion, is launching a new service that turns sketches into images.

The sketch-to-image service, Stable Doodle, leverages the latest Stable Diffusion model to analyze the outline of a sketch and generate a “visually pleasing” artistic rendition of it. It’s available starting today through ClipDrop.

There’s plenty of sketch-to-image AI tools out there, including open source projects and ad-supported apps.

But Stable Doodle is unique in that it allows for more “precise” control over the image generation, Stability AI contends.

Under the hood, powering Stable Doodle is a Stable Diffusion model — Stable Diffusion XL — paired with a “conditional control solution” developed by one of Tencent’s R&D divisions. This allows Stable Diffusion XL to accept sketches as input and guides the model to enable better fine-tuning of the output artwork.

I was able to combine my very basic sketch with a prompt and then select from some style templates like 3D and pixel art which was very cool.


  • Free (Limited Runs)
  • Ramen plan: $5/month (unlimited startups, 29 themes, collect emails, traffic and clicks analytics, Stripe-verified revenue)

Before Sunset

Turn your to-dos into the perfect schedule

Next up we have BeforeSunset which is a smart AI daily planner tool designed to assist busy professionals in effectively planning their day, with a range of features to optimize our productivity.

The AI assistant can automatically plan my day, make tasks actionable, and even create subtasks. By syncing with my calendar and to-do list, Before Sunset optimizes tasks and creates a perfect schedule tailored to our needs.

I could set goals by tags and categorize my to-dos, and the app will then add in some data like how long it will take, and how much time you have available.

If you need to monitor how much time you spend on each task, the time-tracking feature is there, enabling us to evaluate and improve our time management skills.

I really liked time-blocking, where you can allocate specific time slots for each task, ensuring better organization and focus. And the Personal Analytics section provides valuable insights into our productivity patterns, so you you can make mindful adjustments to your planning approach.


  • Basic plan: Free (unlimited todos and subtasks, tagging, note-taking, break and work time tracking, calendar integration, mood tracking, time-blocking, 30-day history, daily analytics, AI assistant: 300 credits)
  • Pro plan: $9.99/month (weekly analytics, AI assistant: unlimited)


Summarize Scientific Articles

Up next is Sci Summary which allows us to quickly summarize long scientific articles.

The interface is pretty simple, we can upload a pdf document, add a link or add in raw text. SciSummary then allows you to configure your summary output with options like a synopsis, key points and opportunities for future research. Each of these can then be configured further for length.

While most academic articles have abstracts they can be quite verbose and actually pulling out the key information I've found time consuming, especially when researching for blog articles on evidence-based productivity or human performance.

SciSummary really comes into it's own with two key features. Firstly there is Bulk Summarize where you can upload a list of all the articles you'd like summarized and then these will be processed all together.

For me this is a huge time saver as I'll often save articles together and then come back to read them later.

The second feature is then the PDF search ability. This uses OpenAI's document QA tools to enable you to chat with a PDF document which makes finding key information even easier.

🪙 Pricing

  • Beginner plan: Free
  • Basic plan: $4.99/month (More Credits)

Framer AI

Start your next site with AI

Next up we have Framer AI which revolutionizes website design by offering an effortless way to create stunning portfolios, startup landing pages, and more — so you can get your website up and running in seconds, whether you’re a designer or not.

The AI-generated copy and color shuffling feature ensures that your website stands out and surpasses the average quality of websites on the internet, in an easy and cheap way. You have infinite color palettes and typeface combinations to choose from, making customization a breeze.

The ease of tweaking the entire page’s color palette is one of the highlights of Framer. You can select different colors within your chosen palette by simply shuffling them. Additionally, AI can also be used to reword any piece of text, providing you with creative alternatives and saving time in the process.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (for hobby projects — design editor, Framer banner)
  • Mini plan: €5/month per site (for landing pages — home + 404 page, custom domain, 1,000 visitors/mo)
  • Basic plan: €14/month per site (for personal sites — unlimited pages, password protect, 1 CMS collection, 10,000 visitors/mo, 10-page search limit)
  • Pro plan: €23/month per site (for bigger sites — analytics, staging, redirects, 10 CMS collections, 100,000 visitors/mo, 25-page search limit)
  • Team editors: €19/month per editor (team workspace, collaborate on paid sites, custom code across team projects, 7-day version history, unlimited viewers)

Speechki ChatGPT Plugin

Transform any generated texts into audio right in ChatGPT

The next free Ai tool on the list is Speechki.

Speechki is a game-changing tool and plugin designed to enhance the ChatGPT experience by providing lifelike voice responses from text generated by ChatGPT.

It transforms generated text into natural-sounding audio, bringing a whole new level of realism to the conversation.

By providing a lifelike voice experience to ChatGPT, Speechki bridges the gap between text-based AI and human-like interaction, making AI more approachable, usable, and applicable in various aspects of our daily lives.

After installing the plugin from the plugin store I was able to ask Speechki to generate an audio file from the text in my conversation.

To access the audio file you need to head over to the Speechki website where you can play the file and download it.

Speechki has lots of voices to choose from and are also introducing voice cloning.

Content creators can save time by effortlessly converting their written content into spoken words, making it easier to create engaging podcasts or videos. And if you're going all in on AI content it is a pretty fast workflow if you are creating written content in ChatGPT.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Speechki is available at the Plugin Store inside ChatGPT4.


A unified AI workspace to supercharge humans

TheGist is a platform that brings together all your work apps and prioritizes what matters most to you. Their AI-powered workspace integrates various communication channels and can provide smart AI insights across all your applications.

This means that it can streamline your workflow with project status updates, task management, generative text, summaries, and actionable items.

By creating personalized knowledge graphs that connect projects, people, and topics, TheGist offers an experience tailored to your specific needs.

Across my companies I use slack for team communication and various project management tools and often finding key information quickly can be a pain. The Gist has a slack integration that allows you to summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click

With features like a unified inbox, instant work status, summaries, related links, or an optimized AI-powered workflow, TheGist is there to enhance your work experience and boost your productivity all together.

🪙 Pricing

Note: You can join the waitlist for TheGist here.

  • Basic plan: Free (Slack, 5 on-demand summaries, 2 channels Slack digest, Gmail digest)
  • Pro plan: $4.99/month per user (unlimited on-demand summaries, unlimited channels Slack digest, smart email actions)
  • Enterprise plan: custom quote on request (security and analytic features)

Playbook AI

Creative storage for AI art, organize prompts & iterations

The next free tool we have on the list is Playbook AI which is a visual cloud storage platform designed specifically for creative work, including the rapidly growing field of AI art. This means you can play, create, and store all your AI art in one place — think of it as a combination of Dropbox, DALL-E, and Pinterest.

The app offers features perfectly aligned with AI creative workflows, such as storing prompts and images together to ensure you never lose a prompt. You can also group and reorganize your iterations, using tags, sub-boards, and bookmarks to keep everything neat and easily accessible.

The integration with AI tools like Dall-E or Stable Diffusion allows you to generate art directly from the platform, making it easy to browse through ideas and entire photoshoots at a glance.

The platform automatically tags images, enabling you to find specific content without relying on file names.

Plus, you can organize your projects using mood boards, kanban boards, or professional templates, and share your AI art in a visually appealing and efficient manner.

🪙 Pricing

Note: The Artist & Designer Plan is upon invitation — you can share your portfolio with the team to receive an invitation to this plan.

  • Basic Plan: Free (100 GB, 15 monthly plugin credits, 5 collaborators, 10 shared links, import up to 50 GB at a time)
  • Artist & Designer Plan: Free (4 TB, 25 monthly plugin credits, unlimited collaborators, 1,000 shared links, 1 free published link)
  • Pro Plan: $12/month per playbook (5 TB, 1,000 monthly plugin credits, unlimited shared links, professional templates, custom logo and branding, password protection)
  • Team Plan: $12/month per member, $25/month per admin (5 TB, unlimited published links, 2,000 monthly plugin credits, license management, board and asset activity)


Stability.ai have Clipdrop and Dream Studio that you can access through your web browser.

But if you want to do anything more advanced like training an image model with your own images or using Deforum to blend videos you'll need to dive deeper into the open source model itself which might involve installing a local version of Stable Diffusion on your PC or Mac or using Google Colab.

And this can become a little bit complicated especially when we start dealing with Mac processors and what will and won't run.

Step in Run Diffusion which I've been using for a little while to run some more advanced image prompts and dive deeper into what you can do with both image and video AI.

Run Diffusion allows you to run Stable Diffusion in the cloud along with all of the pre-trained plugins like Controlnet and Deforum along with lots of pre-trained art models that you can easily switch between.

What does this all mean in basic terms? Well you get the latest AI image models built on stable diffusion with everything configured and ready for you to play in the cloud.

Now while yes you can install all of these open source tools for free if you're comfortable running code locally I found the convenience of jumping into the cloud and using Run Diffusion's servers was much more convenient.

Run Diffusion offers a very easy to understand pay as you go model starting at just 50 cents an hour which for me was just well worth it for the convenience over running code, installing packages, keeping everything updated & dealing with errors on my local machine.

I'm going to be going through all of the ways to access Stable Diffusion in another video so do make sure you hit that subscribe button if you want to get ahead of everyone else when it comes to AI art and video.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (1 Twitter account, 1 post scheduling)
  • Creator plan: $12.50/month (unlimited Twitter accounts, unlimited scheduling, LinkedIn integration, analytics, Vesper AI, engagement)
  • Team plan: $29/month (2 teams, unlimited members, set members permissions)
  • Agency plan: $79/month (unlimited teams)


Zoomerang has been around for a little while and actually started life as a video template app. But it's Zoomerang's most recent AI features that let you transform video in seconds that I want to dive into.

Deform generates a sequence of images from a single one, and Restyle applies a style to a video.

You've probably seen some of these type of videos go viral on social media including the cool one where the statues are dancing.

It's all powered by Stable Diffusion and uses the same strained models we can access through Run Diffusion on computer. However Zoomerang is interesting to me as it's one of the first apps to run stable diffusion on mobile.

This means that if you're a creator and your typical workflow involves editing short form video on your phone you'll likely find Zoomerang to be extremely convenient and easy to use.

There is a free tier and then the paid tier begins at $99/year.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (4k flow runs/month, 5 flows, basic integrations)
  • Starter plan: $12/month (25 flows, 2 GB database storage, all integrations)
  • Pro plan: $35/month (unlimited flows, 8 GB database storage, no rate limiting, custom domains, connect external DB)
  • Team plan: $85/month (unlimited users, shared Slack, onboarding assistance)


Reface AI the team behind popular apps like Reface and Restyle have put all of their AI-powered content creation tools on their new web platform called Unboring.

I like Unboring a lot as it has a very easy to use and fast interface and if you're looking to quickly transform your videos or photos using AI into something fun it's very accessible.

Unboring allows your to face swap and restyle photos and videos and also allows you to animate photos. What makes Unboring unique among the AI tools that use Stable Diffusion is that it's built for fun and ease of use. There are loads of templates for you to quickly apply to your videos and photos and these include things like audio where I found myself getting my puppy Basil to sing and talk as I have way too much time on my hands.

Unboring's pricing works on tokens with a single token equal to one face swap, one restyle or one 50 second video. You get 5 tokens on the freemium tier to try the tools out and then paid packages start at $12.99/month for 100 tokens.

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