10 ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Your Creativity

I'm going to share 10 ChatGPT prompts that will boost your creativity and save you time in your work and personal life.

In a competition at the Wharton School 2 Professors conducted an experiment that pitted Wharton MBA students against ChatGPT in a contest to generate innovative ideas and the results might shock you.

ChatGPT emerging victorious scoring 7x higher than the grads on creativity.

In the past, people didn't think AI tools like ChatGPT could be creative, especially when it comes to thinking up new ideas or solving complex problems.

Train ChatGPT to Generate Prompts for You

Actually thinking up good prompts that produce excellent content can be tough and hardly anyone is getting the most out of ChatGPT and AI models for this reason.

But did you know that you can get ChatGPT to generate prompts for you? A bit like one prompt to rule them all.

We can use the prompt:


"You are an AI designed to help [insert profession]. Generate a list of the 10 best prompts for yourself. The prompts should be about [insert topic]."

You can tweak this and add in anything you like and then take the best prompts from ChatGPT's output.

Make your writing more creative

Whether I'm writing an essay, a sales page or a blog post I'm always trying to make my writing stand-out and be as succinct and creative as possible to grab people's attention and keep them hooked.

Writing is a skill that gets better with time and ChatGPT can help us to improve more quickly and give us some ideas when it comes to adding creative flair to our writing.

For example we can use the prompt:

[paste your writing]

"Proofread my writing above. Edit and upgrade my writing to make it more creative"

Brainstorm Ideas

It’s easy to ask ChatGPT to generate a list of ideas for your next project.

But often they're generic and lack authority.

Instead, ask it to come up with new ideas or approaches on a familiar topic and to be as creative with these ideas as possible

//Example prompt//


"Brainstorm and give me a list of 20 new ideas for [insert desired output e.g. titles for a blog post or a landing page]. Think outside the box and give ideas that may not be obvious."

Personalizing Emails

Chances are you send at least a few emails every single day. If you're running a business you might sends hundreds.

The problem is we also receive hundreds of emails every single day and most people's attention span is so short that unless your email grabs attention and is to the point it's going to go to that recycle bin.

Luckily ChatGPT can help make our emails more personal, succinct and attention grabbing.


[Insert email]

"How would you rephrase this email to feel like a personal message from a close friend?"

Generating Emotions

Good writing can hold people's attention by spiking emotions in the reader. Best selling authors and copywriters can do this with ease having had years of practise and with ChatGPT we can too.

We can use the prompt:

[Insert text]

"Rewrite this piece of text in a way that evokes a strong feeling of trust and safety [or other desires emotion]."

Adding Humor To A Speech

I do lots of public speaking in my job as the founder and CEO of a few tech companies and I've also given speeches in my personal life at things like weddings and other important life events.

If you're not an experienced speaker this can be really daunting and for first time speakers knowing how to balance humor with formality can make or break a good talk.

ChatGPT has you covered. We can use the prompt


"I am writing a speech for a conference [or some other type of text e.g. a presentation]. The subject of the talk is [insert topic]. Think of a pun or joke related to [topic], and turn that into a funny opening line for my talk."

Generate Solutions to a Problem

According to LinkedIn;s corporate learning report problem solving is one of the most desirable soft-skills that companies look for when hiring senior managers.

Creatively solving problems can be tough however and we'll often rely on experience rather than true creativity.

ChatGPT can be used to help you think of creative solutions to problems at work in just a few seconds.

We can use the prompt:

[insert problem]

"Give me 5 step by step solutions to the problem above with clear instructions on how to execute each step."

Generate New Ideas

Whenever I set myself a big new goal or start working on a new project I always take a moment to think about how I can get to my desired outcome in the fewest number of steps as easily and effectively as possible.

This usually requires some creative thinking.

ChatGPT can shorten this ideation time by suggesting outcomes and ideas for getting to your goal as quickly as possible. Even if these aren't perfect they might give you the nudge or inspiration you need to solve for a problem.

We can use the prompt


"I want to [insert task or goal]. Generate [insert desired outcome] for [insert task or goal]."

Eliminate writer's block

We all procrastinate at some point. When it comes to writing online some days I just can't find the inspiration to write a catchy title or a compelling hook that feels original.

Eliminating writer's block and keeping us inspired leads to a much more productive routine and this is exactly what ChatGPT can help us out with.


"I'm writing a blog post about [insert topic]. I can't come up with a catchy title. Give me a list of 5 suggestions for the blog title for this piece."

Write a Killer Presentation (Or Any Content)

Being asked to give a presentation in work used to fill me with dread. It was a pain to put together and thinking up a way to make a boring topic interesting to my team could take up loads of time.

With ChatGPT you can actually get an outline for pretty much any content including things like presentations to save loads of time.

We can use the prompt.


"Topic: How to be more productive
Audience: Business executives
Format: Presentation
Tone: Educational and inspiring
Goal: Inspire the audience to write effectively
Additional instructions: The speech should be under 15 minutes"